City Sport Clinics


June 1 – 15 is session I for the sport clinics held at the Civic Center through the city.  This is the first of four sessions for this summer.  My boys participate in these clinics, and they are wonderful!  The staff is patient and kind while also organized and structured.  The sports offered are soccer (8:00 – 9:30), dodgeball (9:45 – 11:00), flag football (11:15 – 12:45), and basketball or cheer (1:00 – 2:30), and volleyball (2:45 – 4:15).

You can sign your child up for back to back clinics, and there is no need to sign them out and back in.  You are welcome to just sign them in for the first one and sign out when the child leaves the premises.

These clinics are all held indoors.

The cost is only $30 for each sport’s two week session if you are a resident.

Register online through, register in person at City Hall, or call (928) 373-5243.

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