YumaMom.com is dedicated to providing the details on all mom and/or kid-friendly activities in Yuma, Arizona. Meet the team that makes this small feat possible.

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Katie Walker

Katie started YumaMom.com in January of 2010 with the intention of blogging about some of the best mom/kid-friendly activities in Yuma like library storytimes, best parks, etc. Moving to Yuma in 2008 with two small boys, she was determined to take advantage of all the wonderful activities that Yuma has to offer, but it was a lot of work to “discover” it all and it seemed silly for every mom in Yuma to go to that much effort…esp., since she had already done the leg work. She had no idea that YumaMom.com would be such a successful resource! To save you some time and effort, information has been compiled about the area parks, preschools/daycares, activities, lessons, pediatric doctors and dentists, kid-friendly restaurants, festivals, places to shop, and more – gathering input from other moms along the way. We hope you’ll never again say, “There’s nothing to do in Yuma!” Katie is the wife of a US Marine and mother of 2 boys ages 7 & 9. She manages the advertising, website layout, and administration. Please feel free to email her with suggestions and ideas: [email protected]
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Sabra Lemmon

Sabra Lemmon is a Yuma native and the mother of four and wife to a fellow native of Yuma. She is a former owner of The TreeHouse Kids’ Club and is currently a business instructor at NAU-Yuma. While Sabra owned The TreeHouse, she discovered YumaMom.com and not only utilized it for both personal and business purposes but passed it on to TreeHouse moms as a must have resource for Yuma. Sabra also joined our team in May of 2013 and is the primary voice of YumaMom.
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Alain Kramer

Web Tech
In an effort to make YumaMom.com profitable, Alain’s expertise was necessary to add advertising to the site. Alain has done an amazing job not only developing and overseeing our custom advertising system, but he also provides technical support as needed. He has watched YumaMom.com grow from a few hundred fans on Facebook to the resource it has become today. When not working on YumaMom, he hosts and administers a handful of other websites and constructs new ones. If something doesn’t look right on the site or if you have any questions, feel free to email him at [email protected]

We are very open to your feedback, ideas, and opinions. Please contact us if you have information to share and please comment on posts where you have insight to offer.