Castle Park / West Wetlands / Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground

While Yuma has many wonderful parks, the Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground is the most impressive.
The Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground is located in the West Wetlands Park at 308 North 12th Avenue just off of 1st Street.  Commonly referred to as the “Castle Park” by many of the kids who come to play, it is a very large, open play area with a large castle and a maze of ways to climb inside.  The playground has a tire swing, 4 regular swings, 3 baby/bucket swings and 1 adaptive swing for children with disabilities, a climbing wall, at least 6 slides, a plane, a train, a jet, monkey bars and more and it’s all surrounded by Pebble Flex ground cover that should allow for soft landings and easier wheelchair navigation.

West Wetlands Park (aka the Castle Park)

Things to keep in mind:

While there is a restroom at the West Wetlands Park, it is not located very close to the Creative Playground.  It would be best to make sure your child has used the restroom before you begin your play.

There is an area within the playground that is geared toward younger children and only has one entrance.  This is where you’ll find the bucket swings and smaller slides.

This is a large park and somewhat of a maze to get through. It’s not uncommon to be able to see your child, but unable to figure out how to get to them.

There are some benches for sitting near the entrance and sides of the playground.  There are not, however, usually any picnic tables in the area.

There is also a great sand play area that has faux rocks to climb on and a metal tractor scoop toy that kids can sit on and dig with (which was broken when this photo was taken!).  The downfall is that this sand area is located at the behind the park on the other side of the fence.  A child would have to go out the front entrance and around to the back in order to get there.
If you venture a little farther behind the sand play area, you will discover a small Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden. Continue along the sandy path and you will find yourself on a quiet desert walk, where there are a few ramadas available for a quick picnic. Watch out for spiky desert plants and wear good walking shoes!
The West Wetlands Park also features a “regular” playground area closer the restrooms. These amenities surround a large fishing pond where you will often find a retiree or two kicking back with a fishing pole in the sun. Keep a close eye on the kids, the pond is pretty irresistible and therefore, dangerous!
West Wetlands Park is a popular venue for community events, including the annual Renaissance Faire and March of Dimes walk-a-thon. 

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